WHAT IS THIS PASSION OF LIFE and why do we need it? And more important yet, when and where do we find it? I don’t know for you, but I need no explanation. I just need to dance (or sing, or rattle)! To dance wild and free, the way our ancestors used to dance…

 I reach for it here and now, by letting myself remember who I was, before I became this sedentary, stagnant, body-armored, closed-hearted and mind-blown creature I am today – who I still am, underneath all those layers of civilizational dirt and dust that cover our true nature’s shine.

By letting myself move the way my body, not my mind, wants to move – in a ‘raw and uncut’ sort of style. By awakening the elements inside, reliving the age-old mythologies written in my bones, expressing the sacred feminine and masculine energies within me, embodying the heart’s deep wisdom and truth. By feeling vibrantly alive with every cell of my being.

 We could say passion is an earthy thing, being at home in the body and close to the earth, as animals are. Or we could say it is watery, like the sea splashing on the shore or leading a surfer to ecstasy. Or fiery, like the biggest bonfire burning on a midsummer night’s eve or the firebird rising from its ashes, more beautiful than ever. Or is it airy, like a cloud shapeshifting from trumpet to unicorn or a butterfly flapping its wings to make two strangers fall in love?

 I don’t know much. But I know I was not born to ‘survive’ in this world of fake breasts, cold feet and frozen chickens. I was born to live a Life of Passion, radiant with purpose, authenticity and braveness. I was born to feel fully awake in my mind, heart and body, to blossom and bloom from top to toe. To feel like a god/goddess of Love – Kama, from which Kamasutra got its name;), Venus in Furs, or you name it!

 I was not born to smile when I need to shout, nor to ‘behave myself’ when I should ‘burn the house down’. I was not born to be a Barbie (or Ken) doll. As appealing as it may sound, I was not born to be Catwoman or Batman either. I was born to put my masks and my amours down and to feel myself naked and true.

 I was born to move, to flow (as in ‘panta rhei’, everything flows), to blaze with Passion – exactly! A passion not IN or FOR but OF Life itself. A passion given to me by birthright. A passion of BEING alive in my body, heart and soul.

COME JOIN US in our green Mediterranean oasis, near the ancient megaliths of Mordele and the city of Parentium, on the heart-shaped Istrian peninsula, embraced by the big blue of the Adriatic.

PA’LI will be held in Bikers’ Camp Antonci that our host, Dragan, created out of nothing 18 years ago, with minimal means but lots of courage and persistence. It is on a secluded property in rural countryside, 3.5 km from the sea (we have some wild nude beaches to suggest;), and can offer us peace and privacy as no other campsite on Istria’s west coast can!

Far from the madding crowds and fireworks we will enjoy real stars and real companions in our exploration of Passion: a passion that comes from within, that is our own and does not depend on anyone, but can bring us together in most authentic ways; a passion that is of Life itself, embodied and expressed through our individual Selves, shared with Others and big banged in blissful moments of Communion; a passion that makes us feel fully Alive.

The venue will be exclusively at our disposal during the festival. We will dance and sing and play out in the open, on an improvised stage/dance floor that we will build from your early bird deposits. On site we will have everything from vegan kitchen virtuosos to braindancing babysitters, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Prices range from 10 €/person for volunteers to 15 €/person for last minute drop-inners (more info soon). Regular price of the camp is 25 €/person in high season.

And for those of you who are just not tent types, there are apartments in the nearby village of Antonci… 10 minutes’ walk through the greens.



5Rhythms – conscious dance practice is a movement meditation practice that anchors us in the body, the alive, moving body that is not only a sack of bones but a temple of our being. It brings us back to our natural habitat and calls us to listen to our inner impulses. It connects body and breath in the movement that allows all levels of our being to be expressed, aligned and connected. Heart, mind, soul and spirit embodied in a natural dance, which can open the door to ecstasy, bliss healing…  Read more

Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is conscious dance practice intended for anybody who desires to connect more deeply with themselves and their bodies and to discover more freedom, vitality and integrity in the their life It was developed as a culmination of lifetime of work of Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan from their rich experience in modern conscious dance practices, ancient shamanic cultures and cognitive neuroscience… Read more

Tamalpa Life Art

Tamalpa Life / Art process is a method developed at Tamalpa institute. The Life / Art process is a movement-based expressive arts approach that utilizes movement / dance, somatics, art making poetic / creative dialogue /writing, sounding, improvisational performance, creative reenactments, and collaboration. This method supports personal, interpersonal and social change, teaching new models of health, education, psychology and art..Read more


Biodanza – embodiment movement method is a system that accelerates integrative processes at many different levels in people by providing an enriched environment including selected music, integrative movement, singing, caresses and group interactions. Biocentric principle that is represented at Biodanza proposes the strengthening of life and the expression of its evolutionary powers. From this point of view, Biodanza is poetry of human being, of human encounter… Read more 


A Reluctant Disclaimer

PA’LI is for You and Me. As organizers, we are passionate about giving Us the opportunity to come out, express ourselves and connect for real. However, due to the ‘unsafety’ in the air, the outcome of the festival is somewhat out of our control. We need you to understand and agree that all parts of the program as well as the program itself are subject to change, rearrangement, relocation and/or postponement.
But it won’t happen!

Shamanic Drumming

The shamanic drum is made of different types of wood and skins of various animals. Depending on the purpose of the drum, the shaman invites the spirit of the drum to enter the drum and serve the person for whom the drum was made, whether it is the shaman himself or someone else. Thus it becomes a living drum that has an extremely great power and ability to heal, release negative energies, solve various life problems, etc….Read more

Didgeridoo Playing

In this workshop you will be able to learn the basics of making and playing didgeridoo – an instrument whose roots come from northern Australia, and which is already 40000 years used by Aborigines. In the Yolngu tradition of the people of north-eastern Australia, didgeridoo is a means of telling mythological stories from the “dream time” which describe the creation of the world, the process that is still present today in the essence of the natural appearance… Read more 

Come Out And Play!

Summer 2020 :: International conscious dance and play festival, Poreč 25.7. – 8.8.2020.

  •  15 days – 12 teachers – 12 workshops – more than 100 hours
    all workshops in English
  • 4 most prominent embodiment methods :: advanced level workshops
  •  highly affordable prices
  •  main floor out in the open in camp in nature
  •  camp accommodation 10-15 €/day
  •  light vegan meals
  •  daily BEACH breaks
  •  evening PARTY gatherings
  •  PA’LI Kids – child care & little workshops
  •  volunteering and work-group positions available
Join Us



Regular – you apply and pay after July 7th (you still have to apply to reserve your spot!)

Friend of festival – you apply as early bird, promote the festival and bring 5 new people to apply.

Early bird – you apply and pay a non-refundable deposit of 25 € per workshop until July 7th.

Some Volunteer positions available! 


Udruga Ars.Polis (NGO)

Anke Butorac 9

52440 Poreč



dance  •  improvisation  •  videos  •  live rituals

The Histria Mystica initiative began as a series of dance improvisation videos, dedicated to ‘reviving’ the sacred places of our ancestors, once inhabiting the heart-shaped peninsula of Istria (an India condensed;) as part of the ancient and amorous civilization of Old Europe. From Paleolithic times spent in caves to Neolithic and Bronze Age ones on hilltops and river banks, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, here lived a peaceful and egalitarian native population, until ruthlessly subdued by newcomers, who brought a very different kind of ‘culture’ with them – a violent and voracious one, allowing only one right/rule/religion: ‘the survival of the fittest’.


The term Old Europe has been introduced in scientific literature by ground-breaking archeologist and anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, who has thoroughly studied our pre-Indo-European roots and religious beliefs and made much scandal with her theories (lol)! She renewed our hope in humanity, for it is the true teachings of the past that can best show us the possibilities of the future…

In such a view, as pillars of the same prehistoric civilization Dr. Gimbutas taught about, the settlements and sanctuaries we will be re-visiting here, in Istria, have a ‘deep down’ spiritual connection to those of the much more researched Danilo-Hvar and Vučedol cultures in present day Croatia or Lepenski Vir and Vinča in sisterly Serbia (all reaching far out and across today’s borders), to name just a few.

That being said, it is not our intention to play doctors of archeology or new age gurus here, to impress you with our knowledge of ‘history’ or ‘energy’. It is our intention to show you how we, human beings, can listen and speak with our bodies, how we can use the language of Immanence (spirit-in-the-mater) to improvise, inspire, invoke and incarnate the Soul of the World – Anima mundi, as reflected in the Anima histriae as reflected in the Anima mordeleae or maklavunae or monkodonjae…:) We lend ourselves to be both the medium and the message of mythology, mystery, magic, of this arcane art called ‘dance’, and hopefully of Histria herself… whatever that means to you.


There are plenty of sources where you can find bountiful (dis)information about any of these places, and by all means do so, but if you would like to experience them ‘in the flesh’, you are welcome to join us!

The next solar, seasonal ritual will be held on August 1st (marking the cross-quarter between summer solstice and autumn equinox), and the next video shooting on August 5th, both under the auspices of the Full Moon of August 3rd.

The seasonal rituals are dedicated to the land and people of Histria, and are designed to ‘stimulate’ the local population, but as always guest dancers, singers and players are welcome too. There is, however, a limited number of people I can ‘take in’ so please apply as soon as you can…

The event and application form will be published here:

Keep in touch! 

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