Nataša Kern

Biodanza didactic teacher

Bruno Giuliani

Biodanza didactic teacher

Femininity and Masculinity

Biodanza workshop 28. – 30. 8. 2020


SOLAR HUMANITY: fulfilled relationship

Masculinity and femininity are divine and beautiful, like the sun and the moon.

Whether we walk on earth in a biologically male or female body, we each have within us both masculine and feminine energy. At any one time, one form of energy may express itself more fully than the other. There may be times when we long to express one, but feel stuck in the other. Or perhaps we fear what it would be like to be fully in our masculinity or our femininity.

Nataša and Bruno will be providing a safe space for you to explore and enjoy these energies in 3 day workshop of Biodanza so that you can step into your power as an authentically being.

We will dance in both masculinity and femininity, really celebrating and empowering the best in each. We will then unite the sun and the moon within by dancing the integration of these great energies so that you leave feeling whole, balanced and full of potential.

Nataša and Bruno will invite you to do a series of dance-movement exercises inspired by male and female archetypes and imagery from the collective unconscious. This dance process, based on reclaiming specific rites of passage for men and women, will induce powerful and effective transformational experiences that promote both self-knowledge (what type of man or woman am I regardless of sexual orientation) and intimate knowledge of the other. In turn, this will help to drop any projections on self and others – and to make space for authentic relating. The whole process is done in a supportive environment offering participants the safety they need to explore and integrate different aspects of their gender identity.

Biodanza offers you a vivencial process to express all the qualities of femininity and masculinity in all our dimensions:

Instinctive – wild, player, warrior, rebel, protector

Sensitive – tender, fraternal, paternal, romantic, prince

Free – autonomous, worker, artist, creator, philosopher

Lover – attractive, erotic, sensual, passionate, poet

Sacred – shaman, mystic, sage, king, divine

“Paradise is here when we express the greatness of humanity from the heart” – Rolando Toro


BIODANZA :: embodiment movement method

Biodanza is a system that accelerates integrative processes at many different levels in people by providing an enriched environment including selected music, integrative movement, singing, caresses and group interactions.

Biocentric principle that is represented at Biodanza proposes the strengthening of life and the expression of its evolutionary powers. From this point of view, Biodanza is poetry of human being, of human encounter, based on universal laws that conserves and lets the evolution of life. Every action of Biodanza is oriented according with the deep and touching phenomenon of life.

Biodanza uses a VIVENCIAL methodology. Giving more importance to the REAL EXPERIENCE than the verbal information, it allows to start the internal transformation without the intervention of repression mental processes. 

The Biocentric principle focuses its attention in a universe conceived as a living system. The kingdom of life is more than vegetables, animals and human beings. All the existing things are part of the whole interconnected living system.

According to the biocentric principle the universe exists in order to offer and stimulate the circumstances therefore LIFE itself can exist. Furthermore we could summarize that matter is in the service of life.

With experiences in Biodanza we engage more life in participants. The invitation directly touches the life so it can fully embody and authentically express itself in every human being.

Nataša Kern
Biodanca didactic Teacher

A passionate researcher of life and movement expression has fallen in love with Biodanza in 2002 and immediately started to travel regularly for some years to the nearest great school. Where she was amazed of the knowledge of the study that was offered to the students. She completed her training for becoming a Biodanza teacher at the Model School of Biodanza, at Scuolatoro in Milan, Italy – also many school modules with the creator of the system, Rolando Toro Araneda. Now she is organizing the School of Biodanza in Slovenia based on the system of Rolando Toro. In between she works also as a didactic teacher and a tutor teacher since 2006.

Since 2003, she has dedicated her life to spreading Biodanza experiences and to promoting beneficial effects of the system on humans. She leads weekly groups and various thematic workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Italy. Her specializations are: identity and the four elements, Biodanza with children and adolescents, Biodanza with clay and Biodanza in nature – for this specialization she was authorized to teach the other Biodanza teachers in 2019.

Biodanza is for me the beauty of life, with which we can enter deeper into the ocean of human being. Many times we need to dive in – and swim within the WISDOM OF THE BODY.

An access to deeper layers of our being is through the vivencias, through our dreams, the help of the symbols … Vivencias in Biodanza are intensive experiences in the moment which are fully involving the states of our body, emotions and awareness.

Bruno and Nataša met many years ago at didactic training in Milano… and the passion for life and dance brought them together to offer you this great workshop. Feel free to join us.

Bruno Giuliani
Biodanca didactic Teacher

French philosopher (PhD in Philosophy from University of Nice Sophia Antipolis)

Holistic coach, spiritual healer and Biodanza didactic teacher

Creator of Biosophy, a system of biocentric philosophy which integrates vivencial dance, active meditation and intuitive dialogue in a therapeutic and spiritual practice that I called « JOYA : Art of Joy »

I have practiced Biodanza regularly since September 2000 in fifteen countries with several dozen teachers and have taught it myself since 2007.

I was trained as a teacher by Hélène Lévy-Benseft at the Méditerrannée school, by Raul Terren and Véronica Toro at the school in Buenos Aires and Bourgogne, as well as by its creator Rolando Toro (Didactic training In Milan).

I wrote several books about wisdom and happiness in the spiritual tradition of non-duality, and three about Biodanza : one about biocentric ethics and philosophy, one with Rolando Toro (the man speaking with the roses) and one with Raul Terren (“living in love”).

I was also trained in many extensions and applications: biocentric education by Ruth Cavalcante and Cezar Wagner in Fortaleza (Brazil), by Carlos Garcia (Evolution Project), Liliana Viotti (Biodanza in Business), Antonio Sarpe (Progressiveness in Biodanza), Sergio Cruz (Biodanza, voice and percussion), Nadia Costa Robin (Biodanza for children and adolescents), Ruth Cavalcante and Cezar Wagner (Biocentric education), Raul Terren and Véronica Toro (tree of desires and minotaur project), Cristina Beraldo (Biodanza and clay) , Myriam Sophia Lopez (Biodanza and Shamanism), Sanclair Lemos (Biodanza in Nature)…

For me Biodanza is the most powerful and direct way to love and happiness for women and men on this planet.

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