Lucija Ana Glagolić Hora

5Rhythms accredited teacher

Embodied Heart

5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop 7. – 9. 8. 2020.


What does the embodied heart mean? It means not only placed inside of the body, but actually connected, engaged and rooted in the physical, which amongst other things includes the movement and the rest.

So much of the heart’s energy is either locked up somewhere in our system, neither moving nor resting really, repressed for long time and then sometimes triggered to burst out of the system in torrents of emotion that are so disconnected from the current situation that it gets hard to experience the true purpose of that force. The result is we get hurt or hurt others by the expression of the heart locking us back into the suppression and control that brought us there in the first place.

Emotions are energy, and energy moves. When we look at small kids and their everyday expression of emotions, we can see that it is a big wave that arises, peaks and subsides, with no residual charge left in the system. It involves whole body, the feet, the belly, the voice, the hands. It is strong, usually loud, and often overwhelming for the environment:) As we grow up we should be learning how to surf the wave of our feelings without the whole overwhelm part, but instead in our culture we’ve been taught to control our emotions, to rationalize them, in the best case scenarios to understand them, but not really to feel them and move with them.

When we can embody the feelings, we can also digest them more easily, and utilize the gifts they offer ideally without being completely thrown off balance. So we practice moving with and ultimately through our emotional landscape, without losing ground and keeping our heads present together with the body and the heart, in order to expand our ability to access the amazing gifts that our heart is trying to offer.

The heart is juicy, it’s powerful, it’s mesmerizing. When we do embody our heart, when we engage with the potential it holds it is like plugging directly into the source of life force. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, sometimes it can be scary, sometimes we can think we were better off controlled and suppressed, but that is why we practice… To build our capacity to experience and reap the fruits of love running through us. For the power of the heart is power of Love, and all the emotions are only expressions of love itself. Our task is to learn to embrace, listen, embody, express, really feel and let the energy pass through us and do its sacred task – to awaken us, empower us, cleanse us, uplift us and connect us with everything and everyone around us. Embodied heart is wise, for it weaves different aspects of our intelligence, the intelligence of our physical body, the intelligence of the heart itself, and since our capacity to feel grows, our mind stays clearer in the midst of emotions, and we can weave the intelligence of our mind as well.


5Rhythms :: conscious dance practice is a movement meditation practice that anchors us in the body, the alive, moving body that is not only a sack of bones but a temple of our being. It brings us back to our natural habitat and calls us to listen to our inner impulses. It connects body and breath in the movement that allows all levels of our being to be expressed, aligned and connected. Heart, mind, soul and spirit embodied in a natural 


 dance, which can open the door to ecstasy, bliss and healing if we only allow it. Even though there are no predefined steps to learn in this practice, there is a strong, meaningful structure, a cosmology that offers tools and directions for the journey through the inner landscape. So that we don’t get lost in the ecstasy, that we fully embody the bliss and that the healing may be a true seed of a deep change and growth.

“The Heart is juicy, its powerful, its mesmerising.”

Lucija Ana Glagolić Hora
5Rhythms accredited teacher

Lucija is a mother, IT consultant and an accredited 5Rhythms teacher of Waves (since 2008) and Heartbeat (since 2015) maps. She started exploring different dance techniques as a child, and dove deeply into personal growth and spirituality paths as a teenager, discovering 5Rhythms practice that brought those two paths together in 1999. She is teaching locally and internationally, at the same time continuing her education with worldwide renowned teachers of different conscious movement and personal growth practices. Currently also studying system constellations.

Her teaching style is gentle but clear, focused on the depth of the experience and spiced up with easy yet direct humor. The work she offers weaves into the dance deep introspection, ritualized healing, group and personal feedback and good portion of integration that help plant the seeds of change from the dance floor into the everyday life.

“What I wish to achieve with my work is to open the gates others can walk through if they so wish, sharing my fascination to shed light on the path of their journey. The two essential seemingly contradictory drives that guide me are the lifelong fascination with body and movement, and the deep yearning to expand beyond the physical, beyond ego towards the divine source. On one hand that means I love working with the simplicity of movement, exploring the physicality of the dance, and on the other that each time for me the final destination is sweaty, juicy prayer.”

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