Svemir Vranko mag. edu

Sound therapist and life coach


Didgeridoo Playing Workshop

13. – 15. 8. 2020



In this workshop you will be able to learn the basics of making and playing didgeridoo – an instrument whose roots come from northern Australia, and which is already 40000 years used by Aborigines. In the Yolngu tradition of the people of north-eastern Australia, didgeridoo is a means of telling mythological stories from the “dream time” which describe the creation of the world, the process of creation that is still present today in the essence of the natural appearance. A didgeridoo tone reminiscent of the sound of OM in Vedic tradition with the rhythm of the accompanying rhythmic instrument similar to the claves has power to bring us to a deepened state of consciousness.

In this workshop we will make a didgeridoo from a cardboard tube with a mouthpiece made of natural wax, we will learn to produce the basic tone and additional playing techniques, and we will do our best to master circular breathing which is necessarily for playing this ancient instrument.

Svemir Vranko mag. edu.
sound therapist and life coach

The workshop leader is Svemir Vranko mag. edu. – sound therapist and a life coach. He learned sound therapy in the U.S. in Hawaii from Jonathan Goldman – a pioneer of sound healing.

He started dance workshops Vision Dance and Chakra Dance Yoga, and is the author of the book “Sound Healing (Zvukoterapija) – good vibes for Body and Soul” with Om Didge music for meditation and self-healing that you can listen to in full at the following link:


Musicians: Krešimir Oreški frame drum and udu pot and Svemir Vranko didgeridoo, Tibetan bells, overtone singing, rain stick


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15 spots available for this workshop.

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