Movement Medicine

Marin Kovačević Hora

Movement Medicine accredited teacher

Awakening the Elements

Movement Medicine workshop, 14. – 16. 8. 2020

Earth ∴ Fire ∴ Water ∴ Air

The Elements are all around us, they are the basic energies of creation that permeate all things, including us, our bodies, hearts and minds. We usually experience them as different energetic and emotional states and through our body sensations.

As we awaken the Elements inside us, we become more conscious of our bodies and the present moment which leads to an increased sense of vitality and aliveness.

During the workshop we will explore each of the Elements finding ways to embody them through movement and dance and open ourselves to the wisdom that they bring.

At the end of the workshop, we will have a dance ritual with all four Elements to strengthen our intentions for the festival.


MOVEMENT MEDICINE is conscious dance practice intended for anybody who desires to connect more deeply with themselves and their bodies and to discover more freedom, vitality and integrity in the their life.


It was developed as a culmination of lifetime of work of Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan from their rich experience in modern conscious dance practices, ancient shamanic cultures and cognitive neuroscience.

“The Medicine is everything, in every tree, in every rock and in every human being.”

The word Medicine comes from the teachings of Northamerican Indians and means all that brings us into balance with ourselves and the world around us. The Medicine is in everything, in every tree, 

 tree,  in every rock and in every human being. In Movement Medicine we learn how to find that Medicine in our dance and allow it to guide us to our wholeness.

Marin Kovačević Hora 
Movement Medicine accredited teacher

I am a psychotherapist, shiatsu teacher and practitioner, husband and a father, in 2014 I completed the Movement Medicine Teacher Training and since then have been teaching conscious ecstatic dance either alone or in company with my wife. I consider working with people to be my true calling and find both pleasure and fulfillment in it. I teach with a lot of lightness and humor and I like to give the dancers ample space to explore their own dance and have those meaningful inner experiences that make dancing so worthwhile.

If I had to name one thing that moves me, it would be finding the truth, the truth of ourselves, who we are and the truth of life. One of the fastest ways to find that truth for me is through dance, because our bodies are always present, always here and now, they never lie. 

When I am not on a workshop or in a therapy session, I enjoy spending time building Lego with my son, drumming in remote forest areas and exploring ancient spirituality and of course – dancing!

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