Zoran Tepurić Favori

Ifa priest, shamanic drums making
and drumming facilitator


Shamanic Drums Making & Drumming

 Workshops 20. – 22. 8. 2020


The shamanic drum is made of different types of wood and skins of various animals. Depending on the purpose of the drum, the shaman invites the spirit of the drum to enter the drum and serve the person for whom the drum was made, whether it is the shaman himself or someone else. Thus it becomes a living drum that has an extremely great power and ability to heal, release negative energies, solve various life problems, etc. At the initiation ceremony the drum gets its true sound and can then be used for various purposes.

Saturday 25. 7.
9 – 10 h – lecture, explanations about the possibilities of various purposes of the shamanic drum, shamanic meditation with the drum and connection with the spirit of your drum.

10 – 17 h – processing and painting of wooden construction, leather preparation.

Sunday 26. 7.
9 – 18 h – final coloring of the drum, production of leather strips and final preparation of the leather. Completing the drum with the invocation of the Spirit of the drum based on the purpose of that drum.

After three days, when the skin is dry and taut, an additional initiation of the drum is done and its energy is determined, from which the drum receives its name.

Drumming: When the skin on the drums dries, the learning of various rhythms begins over the next three days.

The birth of a drum can be compared to the birth of a child, the closer it gets to the end the more excited and greater the excitement and happiness. The spirits of the drums are present all the time from the meditation at the beginning till the end on Sunday. The workshop has such energy that the feeling of excitement and satisfaction is constantly growing.

Due to the need for timely procurement of the necessary constructions and other materials, I ask those interested to apply as soon as possible.

It should be noted whether you are interested in a SINGLE-HANDED DRUM or a DOUBLE-SIDED DRUM, as in the picture.


Zoran Tepurić Favori
Ifa priest, shamanic drums making and drumming facilitator

Zoran Tepurić Fayori has been practicing various spiritual and healing techniques for thirty years.

The master-teacher has several spiritual and healing techniques: Reiki, Gaia healing system, Integral Excalibur, PEAT, Sunyata.

He is a master practitioner in NLP-NLPt (Neuro linguistic programming and psychotherapy).

Shamanism began to be taught in 1999 with a Brazilian shaman, and later with African shamans. He underwent numerous initiations in Orisha – the energy of nature on his twelve occasions first in Brazil and then in Nigeria. After graduating in 2005, he worked as a shaman and IFA priest.

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10 spots available for drums making + drumming and additional 10 spots for drumming only (you must bring your own drum).

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