Tatjana Bushana Kaurinović

Tamalpa Life / Art Process accredited teacher

Body Mythology

Tamalpa Life / Art Process workshop 21. – 23. 8. 2020


BY ENGAGING our body with the art practices of moving, dancing, voicing, drawing and writing, participants will embark on the journey of Body Mythology explorations – stories housed within the body. The process will help to identify personal narratives beliefs, nervous system patterns, parts of character as well as uncoiling essential parts of ourselves, and intentions towards the future.

Body Mythology invites healing process and transformation by allowing each person to embrace and engage in the creation of their own personal mythology.

Tamalpa Life / Art process is a method developed at Tamalpa institute by the legendary Anna Halprin and co-founding director and pioneer in the field Daria Halprin. The Life/Art process is a movement-based expressive arts approach that utilizes movement/dance, somatics, art making,


  poetic/creative dialogue/writing, sounding, improvisational performance, creative reenactments, and collaboration. This method supports personal, interpersonal and social change, teaching new models of health, education, psychology and art.

“Body Mithology invites healing process and transformation”

Tatjana Bushana Kaurinović
Tamalpa Life / Art Process accredited teacher

Tatjana first and foremost considers herself a student of life. As she would say, she lives life in motion more improvised then choreographed.

Professionally she is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association). Movement based Expressive arts facilitator through Tamalpa institute and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She extensively studied with Anna Halprin since 1999 and was part of performance Lab group led by G. H. Soto.

She is the founder of Somatic and Expressive Arts International Non-profit organization based in California, which is currently running professional Trauma healing education program in Balkan region. She served as an assistant teacher one semester in trauma curriculum for Somatic Psychology at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies).

She is very passionate in bridging the cultures and countries, reclaiming what once was lost.

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